Forward Progress

Facing Social Justice In Sports

Episode Summary

Jason and Kirk discuss the role leagues played in this week's elections; an update on the Kyrie-Irving Brooklyn Nets situation and we receive a visit from Dr. Adam J. Kuban, of Ball State University!

Episode Notes

Dr. Adam J. Kuban, Professor, School of Journalism & Strategic Communication, Ball State University

Dr. Kuban is the editor of the book 'Facing Social Justice in Sports'. The book follows the lives of over 20 athletes, coaches and sports-media professionals in different stages of their careers, from youth to collegiate to pro. It also captures their experiences and the defining moments that propelled then to advocate for change. The genesis was shortly after the death of George Floyd. Dr. Kuban explains how the project started. Dr. Kuban challenges his students starting with a class in 2022 to explore the ties between sports and social justice. The book was written by Ball State undergraduate students in Dr. Kuban's intermediate Sports & Writing course. The stories deal with topics such as racism, gender equality poverty international-student rights, mental health, disability and LGBTQ+ challenges. Dr. Kuban doesn't want the book to be seen as a criticism of a particular group, but a chance to listen to opposing views respectfully.